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Sri Synadasti's Xpilot Page

Xpilot is a multiplayer network game, a real classical one (existing since 1990) and still in active development. Bad graphics but great gameplay and highly addictive (be careful). Other descriptions denote it as an "animated chat client", or as a "graphical network analysing tool based on Xlib". To find out more, have a look at www.xpilot.org (you have been warned).

Yes, sometimes I play this (rather bad). Usually under the nick "Sri Synadasti", but sometimes also as "Dr. van van Mojo", "Hung Mung", "Malaclypse" or "Zarathud". These are the 5 popes of POEE (Paratheo-Anametamystikhood of Eris esoteric). Consequently, my main tactic is the esoteric obfuscation of agressive hostile team members. Unluckily, my mental power is not too great, so I play very lousy.


For all unpatients, I prepared a RPM version for SuSE Linux 7.0: xpilot-4.4.0-suse70-i386.rpm. But note that the real gods use hacked clients. So you better learn how to compile xpilot from sources, or you'll never reach the upper xpilot league.


Here is my very small library of tools for xpilot:

xpilot-gtk: This is a theme for GTK+, it makes your whole UNIX desktop to look like xpilot. Yeah, for the heavily addicted. By the way, at SuSE there must be at least one: It found its way on the 7.0 CDs. A qt-version is in preparation.

xp: A small perl skript I once got from svenske. Don't know if it is still available somewhere else. Just an interface to the meta-server: It displays active servers, and also all the players there.

bavarian swear file: Common expressions in the language of the native inhabitants of south-east germany to express personal disagreements (talkmacro). Usually not understood by the rest of the world.

romanian swear file: Not so common expressions in the romanian language to express personal disagreements (talkmacro). This mainly because I don't speak romanian. Many thanks to Rucky for teaching me and Gnalle.

You want more? For more goodies have a look on Jarno's page.


In my short live as xpilot, I produced also some maps. To download, click on the map.

Killing Fields

My most sucessful map. After caves (1821 -1995) and new dark hell (1995-1997) the third famous and well visited map, which is not bloods-music style. It is more a dogfighting map, but very good also for beginners. No shields, limited shots, bouncing bullets, agressive play, fun. I used it without smart missiles and on a ranking server. The server is still running (ohfw95.hf.op.dlr.de), although I don't work there anymore. Let's see when they will detect it (hopefully never).

Nirvana (True Jedi)

Not as successful as killing fields, I created that map in spring 2000 to organize and play a cup on it (12 participants). More peaceful than other maps, you can win only by using "the force". Don't forget to play with closed eyes for full concentration.

Doolbs Music

Another map which might be useful for a cup. This is a version of the deathcup 2000 map, mirrored about the x- and the y-axis. Very confusing, but only for regular bloods players. Real xpilot veterans use either a hacked client with inversed controls to play on this map, or a mouse with modified cabelling.


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